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MedCheck No 28 (December 2023) New

MedCheck No 28 (December 2023) Download PDF Free Contents Editorial   Unavoidable adverse reactions to Alzheimer’ s agent Review   Lecanemab removes substitute of lost cells leading to brain   hemorrhage and atrophy Vaccine Information      Is it true: “Several vaccines reduce Alzheimer’ s disease”

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MedCheck No 27 (September 2023)

MedCheck No 27 (September 2023) Download PDF Free Contents Editorial Be Vigilant On a New Anti-Alzheimer’s Drug Review Lecanemab for Alzheimer’s disease  No evidence to delay progress, should not be approved           Supplementary Appendix Free COVID-19 Information SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine In

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Med Check No 26 (April 2023)

Med Check No 26 (April 2023) Download PDF Contents Editorial Ineffective substances should not be approved Review SGLT2 inhibitors should not be used No proof of efficacy both for diabetes and heart failure Review HPV vaccines: Seriously harmful and do not prevent cervical cancer Adverse Reactions T

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Med Check – No 25 (December 2022)

Med Check No 25 (December 2022) Download PDF Contents Editorial Unacceptable Proposal: Experts ignored clinical trials Review    To be Vaccinated, or Not ? Points You should Know    SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines Doubles the Risk of COVID-19!       (1) “Harm-benefit balance” depends on the situation (2) Types

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